My work looks at how we can change the perception of objects through the use of material and form, creating engaging user experiences.



hplus is a collection of personal health monitoring devices. Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, the domestic aesthetic of each ceramic device challenges the stereotypical image of healthcare products.


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Draw is a collection of objects that unite to form seamless monolithic entities. Comprised of three sizes of drawer unit and an accompanying low 'tea-table' they combine to form a range of contemporary storage furniture.



Loneliness affects an increasing number of people within our society. Amicus is a beacon that creates instant connection. A tactile object, it is the physical interpretation of a digital connection.



TwoThirds is an oak and resin composite side table. Split two thirds across, clear resin seamlessly forms the remainder of the table acting as a substitute for the 'missing' material.

Stack. for Bruni


The brief from Bruni was to re-envisage the traditional wine bottle. Ensuring the design reflected the well known typology of the classic wine bottle remained important to ensure customer recognition, however the design needed a differentiation that would bring it shelf presence.

Connect. for BioLite


The brief was to design a personal communication hub for outdoor adventurers to fit alongside BioLite's existing offerings of modern off-grid products.  Taking the idea of a camp radio and adding essential tools for survival communication, 'BioLite Connect' was born.

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