I am a product designer and freelance creative with experience across a range of disciplines from Graphic Design to Architecture.



I am a young designer based between London and the village of Dedham in the rural East of England. My portfolio of work is as diverse as my professional experience. From the health sector to furniture, I aim to create projects that engage with users on a humanistic level and achieve a visual warmth that is often missing from modern design.



Graduating in 2018 from London's Central Saint Martins, I have taken time to understand and cherish the knowledge of those around me. Developing a number of skills and techniques that I put into my projects, be it product, furniture or graphic design.



Having spent time working alongside some of the most influential professionals in their fields from Francis Terry through to Samuel Wilkinson and SeymourPowell, I have learnt a range of skills that give me a unique position to work across disciplines from graphic design through to product and architectural design.

Want to get in touch ? drop me a line at hello@mattcanham.uk

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