Connect. for BioLite

BioLite Connect was designed for outdoor brand BioLite to run alongside their current range of off grid products.


Designed as an emergency radio with features including a torch, emergency beacon, inbuilt GPS module and foldable wide range radio aerial, the product fits right into the outdoor environment that BioLite is targeting. Envisaged to be an essential piece of kit for the outdoor enthusiast, BioLite Connect was designed to fit snuggly into the backpack or clip onto the climbing belt.


Working seamlessly with their current range of products, the radio charges directly from the CampStove via the MicroUSB port in the rear compartment.


An essential for the modern explorer. A collection of tools that come together and provide a lifeline in the remotest of places.



The UI of BioLite Connect is designed for ease of use in rugged environments. From large accessible buttons to a clear and minimal digital display, the functionality of the device is paramount.



The BioLite Radio is true to the BioLite brand. With a bold orange and turquoise colour palette and block forms with clear boundaries, the BioLite product range has a clear and distinctive aesthetic that needs referencing in any new product category. Behind all this however is the rugged outdoor scenario that BioLite is designed for, crucial to consider in the design.

Shaping Form.


Using a combination of foam models and sketching, the form was iteratively developed. Component selections and manufacturing restrictions added to the process, resulting in the  final form.

Technical Analysis.


Ensuring the design was technically feasible was a crucial part of the brief. Through 3D and 2D CAD modelling the design was shaped to maximise space for internal components and ensure manufacturing compliance.

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