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Tradition is fundamental to glassware. From the form of a traditional Burgundy bottle to the method of storage, it is an industry with an ever-present heritage.


Working with Bruni glass, one of Europe’s largest glassware manufacturers and distributors, the opportunity arose to create a series of bottles that built upon this wealth of history while presenting a creative modern twist. The series revolved around the idea of a form that could stack upon itself without the need for a racking system. Providing shipping and logistical benefits as well as a unusual and engaging form, the series of designs provided a new typology for the company to develop.


Tradition is fundamental in glassware. Stack builds upon these traditional forms and adds a new element of functionality.

Two Designs.


Two distinctly different designs were created, both derived from the same fundamental principles, creating a new unified product typology.



With one design inspired by the form of Maksim Arbuzov’s honey pot concept and the other inspired by the curve of a kidney bean, both bottles have a strong and separate identity. Common between them however is the ability to stack them without need for a frame or support.

Problem Solving.


Stability of the stacked form and efficiency of manufacture were analysed and detailed through sketching and simple mock-ups.

Technical Considerations.


Glassware design has strict limitations, both through material and process. As a result, careful analysis of the final form was crucial to determine feasibility of production. As a client, Bruni provided their own series of guidelines ensuring that the design would work for them.

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